Udinese Calcio and Macron extend technical partnership through 2031

The partnership between Udinese Calcio and Macron is distinguished by shared values and a commitment to both sporting excellence and social responsibility.

Udinese Calcio, a Serie A football club, and Macron, an Italian sports apparel company, have announced the extension of their technical partnership till the end of the 2030-31 season.

This renewal cements a relationship that has flourished since 2018, marking over a decade of collaboration between the two organisations.

Shared values and a commitment to sporting excellence and social responsibility distinguish the partnership between the Friulian club and Macron. A cornerstone of their collaboration is a strong focus on environmental sustainability. Over the past several years, Udinese and Macron have embarked on numerous projects to reduce environmental impact, resulting in increasingly innovative and technically advanced sportswear.

Le Zebrette have been at the forefront of this sustainability initiative. In 2020, they became the first top club to partner with Macron to introduce a match shirt made from Eco Fabric, consisting of 100% recycled polyester derived from PET bottles. This significant step is part of a broader strategy to embrace sustainable practices, contributing to Udinese’s recognition as the fourth most sustainable football club globally and the most sustainable in Italy.

Commenting on the partnership, Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron, said, “What exists between Macron and Udinese is something that goes beyond a commercial partnership. It is a common project made up of corporate choices, but also personal ones, to achieve a common goal. This has been a stimulating journey for both of us and has led to the creation of innovative collections from both a technical and stylistic point of view, in which the tradition of a club rich of history has been combined with graphic and design experimentation that has produced unique and exclusive garments. A journey that will continue for many more seasons in which to design, develop, produce together and in perfect harmony”.

Franco Collavino, Udinese Calcio General Manager, added, “13 years together means total sharing. With the renewal of the agreement, the Udinese-Macron partnership will reach a significant length of time, which testifies to how strong our brands are internationally. It is a matter of great satisfaction to strengthen this partnership with a leading company in the sector that believes in us and in which we have found a travelling partner with whom we can share ideals and challenges by making available Udinese’s historicity and prestige. Together we will be ever greener, innovative and strong”.

Both Udinese and Macron have expressed their satisfaction with the partnership’s renewal, highlighting the perfect harmony and shared vision that has characterised their relationship. This extended collaboration promises to continue delivering innovative and eco-friendly sportswear while promoting environmental stewardship in the sporting world.

Founded in 1971, Macron is a major player in Europe’s activewear market. The brand specialises in teamwear for sports such as football, rugby, and basketball and individual athletic wear for running and training. With a commitment to quality and design, Macron equips professional athletes and everyday individuals to reach their full potential.

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