Top five athletes who earned a fortune through brand endorsements in 2022

Earnings through brand deals do surpass the athletes' on-field earnings.

Sportspersons across the globe continue to retain their stature as the most trusted individuals among brands. Renowned worldwide brands leverage an athlete’s fan following across digital platforms to convey their product to the masses or tap into a new market. Let’s have a look at the top five athletes who have earned a massive sum of money through brand endorsements, according to a list by a digital content company, Sportico:

1. LeBron James

The National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar, LeBron James has topped the list. The LA Lakers player has accumulated $90 million through brand endorsements in 2022. LeBron James signed the dotted lines with the likes of Pepsico, Walmart and many others. The decorated athlete also went on to sign a lifetime deal with Nike in 2022.

2. Roger Federer

Roger Federer, who announced his retirement in 2022, has acquired the second spot on the list. The Swiss tennis player earned $85 million from his brand endorsements. Federer’s endorsement portfolio consists of brands like Louis Vitton, Uniqlo, Rolex and more.

3. Tiger Woods

Next on the list is Tiger Woods, the veteran American professional golfer. The man with 18 World Golf Championships has also fared well on the commercial course too. Endorsement deals with the likes of Nike, Rolex and Gillette have helped him fetch $65 million throughout the year.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

The athlete who is synonymous with football, Cristiano Ronaldo takes up the fourth spot. The prolific football player endorses brands like Armani, Herbalife, and TAG Heuer. Ronaldo has been named the face of the football app Zuju-GP, which focuses to be the digital soccer community. Through his brand endorsements, Ronaldo earned $55 dollars in 2022.

5. Tom Brady

The National Football League (NFL) star, Tom Brady has occupied the fifth spot on the list. His endorsement portfolio features brands like Subway, T-Mobile and Under Armour. Brady’s lucrative endorsement deals throughout the year have helped him earn $55 million.

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