TNPL 2022 Sponsors Watch: Salem Spartans

Salem Spartans will face Lyca Kovai Kings in their next match on July 6.

It’s been ten days since the commencement of the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) 2022 and the fans were rewarded with great cricketing action in the opening match itself. The first match took place between Chepauk Super Gillies and Nellai Royal Kings on July 23. Kings won the match in Super Over.

Salem Spartans represent the Salem district in TNPL. The franchise was previously known as Albert Tuti Patriots. After the change of owners in 2020, the team’s name was changed to Salem Spartans.

The team faced Nellai Royal Kings in its first match of TNPL 2022. Kings won the match by five wickets with 14 balls remaining.

Like the other teams, Salem Spartans have also etched an elite sponsorship portfolio ahead of Tamil Nadu’s biggest cricket tournament’s 2022 edition. Let’s have a look at their list of sponsors:

Principal Sponsor:

The team led by Daryl Ferrario has roped in Sky Exch as its title sponsor for the 2022 season.

Sky Exch is a news organization that specializes in sports-related news and its coverage.

Associate Sponsors:

The franchise has been associated with multiple sponsors for TNPL 2022. The partners include Sportus, Envission, Sumangali Homes, Jones Infrastructure, AVR Pay News, Taj 777 News, Vision 11, Freyer International, and Sportasy.

Salem Spartans will face Lyca Kovai Kings in their next match on July 6.

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