Thunder Predator signs a sponsorship deal with Trovo

Thunder Predator is well known for their DOTA 2 team.

Thunder Predator, the Peruvian esports organization announced its partnership deal with the live streaming platform Trovo.

The deal will see Trovo become the official headline sponsor of Thunder Predator. 

Thunder Predator is well known for their DOTA 2 team and Trovo will be looking to capitalize on that despite being a live streaming platform that is more focused on streaming mobile games. 

Diego Valenzuela, Project Manager at Thunder Predator said, “Having a sponsor from Trovo is a giant step for us. Knowing that a Peruvian organization is being sponsored by them, it will undoubtedly leave a huge mark on our national esports scene.” 

Esports has substantial growth in the Latin-American market. As they contributed about 266 million players to the gaming industry displaying a 7.6 per cent growth rate which is about 10 per cent of the world’s gaming population. 

Andrés Villagómez, CEO and Co-founder of Basher Agency who is also Thunder Predator’s sponsorship manager said, “Our job is to get transnational companies to recognize the brand value of Latin American electronic sports teams with sustainable metrics, which we have achieved between Trovo and Thunder.” 

The deal will see rivals Twitch suffer as targeting the Latin American market could be a big step for Trovo and Tencent. After the downfall of Mixer, Twitch has been for quite some time but that will be changing as Trovo steps into the market. 

Thunder Predator, however, achieved a top-six placement at the 2021 Singapore Major, the team qualified for The International 10, which is set to take place in October. 

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