Thums Up announces worldwide sponsorship deal with Tokyo Olympics 2020

Thums Up parent company, Coca-Cola has had 80 years long connection with the Olympics.

As India enters the Tokyo Olympics making it their 100th time participating in the Olympics that will start from the 23rd of July, owned by the Coca-Cola Company. Thums up is a homegrown brand of Coca-Cola, which has history of sponsoring sports events, it was inevitable that Thums up announced their worldwide partnership with the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Coca-Cola has had 80 years long connection with the Olympics, with Thums up sponsoring the Tokyo Olympics, a special campaign has been launched to lift and support the unwavering spirits of the athletes that will be competing in the Olympics.

The campaign will comprise of a series of videos for the athletes along with digital branding, also providing stories of struggles of the country’s athletes and their rise to the top and with them competing in the biggest stage of all.

Other sponsorships of the Coca-Cola company includes partnerships with FIFA and almost 25 years of partnership with the World Cup Rugby. The long partnerships indicate an unwavering spirit of involving themselves with the people’s passions.

The Olympics that will be starting from 23rd of July will have the attention of every sports fan in the world with people cheering on the athletes from their respective countries and the partnership between Thums up and the Olympics is bound to be beneficial for both the parties and will help the company increase their outreach on a global level. 

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