The Hundred signs sponsorship deal extension with Sure

Sure will be becoming the ‘Official Partner of Umpires’ in a deal that will last for over three years

The Hundred announced their sponsorship deal extension with Unilever-owned deodorant brand Sure. The deodorant brand will be becoming the ‘Official Partner of Umpires’ in a deal that will last for over three years, the induced branding will be seen on the armpits of the Umpire’s clothing throughout the tournament. 

The concept of induced advertisements on the armpits was first introduced in the Big Bash League as Rexona signed with the Big Bash League and the new 100 ball tournament. The Hundred will be following the same concept closely. 

Chris Barron, vice president of beauty and personal care at Unilever UK and Ireland said: “With this partnership, we are supporting the desire to open up the game to a more diverse audience and to inspire new audiences to participate in the excitement and thrill of cricket, through our Lifebuoy brand we are able to help bring back the magic of live sport by providing effective sanitizing and hygiene products to both players and supporters, and with our Sure brand we can continue to inspire people to move more at a time when physical activity continues to play such a huge role in our wellbeing.” 

The details of the deal were not made public but according to reports, the ECB and Unilever were in talks to complete a deal worth $13.1 million. 

Along with the extension, Sure will also be getting advertisements on the digital platforms and the presenting rights of the player with the most sixes in the tournament in both the men’s and women’s categories. 

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