‘The Gaming Project’ raises $500,000 in seed funding

The Gaming Project is democratising access to AAA games by allowing gamers to enjoy any video game/AAA game on any device.

An Indian cloud gaming platform, The Gaming Project (TGP) has raised USD 500,000 in seed funding from the lead FAAD Network, as well as Upsparks, BlackKite, SucSEEDIndovation Fund, and others. According to the release, platforms such as MaGEHold and Hem Angels also participated in the round.

Cloud gaming is a type of online gaming in which the game is hosted on remote servers. Players can access any game they want without the need for expensive physical gaming heavy equipment.

With its cloud gaming platform, TGP is democratising access to AAA games by allowing gamers to enjoy any video game/AAA game on any device (mobiles, laptops). Even with moderate setups, such devices can use TGP to play the most advanced console/PC-based games. Without any promotions, TGP has signed up over 300,000 users on its platform since it went live in March 2020.

A&W Capital, a boutique sports and gaming investment bank, and Huddle, a sector-agnostic incubator for early-stage start-ups, aided the Gaming Project.

Sarang Atri, Co-founder, The Gaming Project, said, “Our entire goal up until our first raise was to make sure we spend as few resources as possible, but at the same time achieve a product-market fit that is appreciated by everyone in the gaming community and actually answer the question of whether cloud gaming is possible in India or not.”

Manan Mittal, Co-founder & Tech Lead, The Gaming Project, commented, “Ever since the inception of our project, the inevitable question that always came up was whether the internet infrastructure was capable enough for this technology. Thankfully our customers answered that question for us, by sticking with us and providing their constructive feedback that in turn helped us improve our tech since our inception. Thanks to them and our investors, we will now be able to expand our services to all parts of India and across platforms as well.”

Aditya Arora, CEO, FAAD Network, said, “With over 100 million online gamers, India alone is a two-billion-dollar market opportunity for the eSports industry. This market could be further extended if there is a solution built for smooth streaming without buying any expensive gaming rig. This is where our thought school aligned with what Sarang and Manan are building at “The Gaming Project”. Their relentless focus on building the right quality of product while keeping customer supreme is what we think is a deadly combination for them to scale bigger and faster in the times to come.”

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