Team Singularity renews partnership with Blocksport to launch NFT series

The original deal between Team Singularity and Blocksport came in April 2020.

Danish esports organization Team Singularity expand its partnership with the Swiss-based sports tech agency Blocksport. 

Along with the expansion, both Team Singularity and Blocksport will be working together to develop an online platform. The esports organization’s fans will be able to purchase Team Singularity’s NFT properties that include the team’s jerseys, videos, and highlights. 

Vladimir Liulka, CEO and Co-Founder of Blocksport, said, “The rise of digital ownership is a huge indicator of what the next stage of the evolution of gaming and esports fan engagement will look like, following the lead of organizations like Singularity, we expect more and more esports brands to offer exclusive, collectible NFTs to their fans in order to provide them with a new way to engage with their favorite teams, but also to deliver unique digital experiences.” 

The original deal between Team Singularity and Blocksport came in April 2020 when they worked together on developing a mobile app to bring the fanbase together and now they will be working together to launch an NFT series. 

Team Singularity’s digital content can leverage options worked through Blocksport’s technical experience, through a digital wallet and tokens within the style of collectible cards, unforgettable merchandise, and skins, amongst others. 

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder and CEO of Team Singularity said, “I’m very intrigued around the NFT market in general, and when our partners from presented to me their state-of-the-art NFT marketplace then I was on board instantly, I believe in their vision in this space and I’m happy to have a partner that can help navigate Team Singularity and explore the new digital frontiers to create new revenue streams and synergies within our overall operation.” 

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