Team GB teams up with Global to bring Paris Olympics 2024 closer to British fans

Global will leverage its extensive radio networks in collaboration with NatWest to deliver live updates, insightful commentary and exclusive content on Team GB.

Team GB, the British Olympic team, has forged a dynamic partnership with Global, a leading British media and entertainment group, to amplify the excitement for the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024.

This collaboration, which designates Globale as the official audio partner, promises a unique experience for British fans, fostering a strong connection between athletes and the public.

A historic first for Team GB, the team’s central hub in Paris, “Team GB House,” will be open to the public during the Games. This unique opportunity allows fans to experience the Olympic spirit firsthand.

Global will leverage its extensive radio networks – Heart, Capital, and Classic FM – in collaboration with Team GB’s official banking partner, NatWest, to deliver live updates, insightful commentary, and exclusive content.

Tim Ellerton, Team GB’s Commercial Director, said, “Team GB House is the ultimate place for fans to get involved in the magic of Paris 2024, so we’re delighted that Global, in partnership with NatWest, will be joining us to give listeners back at home a slice of the action too. We know how much the support of the nation means to our athletes, so having Global’s audience behind them throughout the competition will be invaluable, and we look forward to working together to bring their stories to life.”

Mike Gordon, Global’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “We are so delighted to be the official audio partner for Team GB. This year’s Olympics in Paris will be the closest to home since 2012 and it will rekindle the spirit of the Games right across the UK. We know our listeners want to feel part of significant cultural moments and in collaboration with NatWest, this partnership allows us to leverage our strength of bringing fans closer to the action.”

Marg Jobling from NatWest, said, “We’re really excited to be working with Global in helping bring stories from our incredible athletes to life and sharing the excitement from Team GB House. We look forward to supporting Team GB in the run up to the Olympics and to bringing Global listeners along with us!”

The partnership extends beyond live broadcasts. In the lead-up to the Games, Global and NatWest will collaborate with the British Olympic athletes to create motivational messages, inspiring listeners to chase their dreams. Additionally, a chance to win incredible experiences at Team GB House and the Games themselves adds an exciting element for listeners.

This strategic partnership between Team Britain and Global promises to be a game-changer. Through a combination of live broadcasts, exclusive podcasts, and inspiring content, Global will be the platform for fans to connect with the Brits and celebrate their achievements throughout Paris 2024.

This announcement aligns with Team GB’s recent partnerships with Aldi, the fastest-growing grocery store chain, and TikTok, the popular entertainment platform. This diversified sponsorship strategy ensures that British athletes reach a wide audience and maximizes fan engagement.

Founded in 2007, Global (Global Media & Entertainment Limited) is a major British media player. Holding the title of Europe’s largest commercial radio company, the media company owns and operates popular stations like Capital and Heart. The brand’s reach extends beyond radio, as it is also the leading outdoor media company in the UK.

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