TATA Tea Agni ad features three Indian women hockey stars

The advertisement is an ode to the life journeys of the three key players of the Indian women’s hockey team.

TATA Tea Agni has relaunched itself by launching a new advertising campaign to connect to its customers. The campaign has been labelled as ‘Josh Jagaye Har Roz’ featuring three players from the Indian women hockey team, Vandana Katariya, Gurjit Kaur, and Neha Goyal.

The advertisement is an ode to the life journeys of the three key players of India’s women’s hockey team, displaying the real stories of their hardship, purposefulness, Josh, and their prevalence over challenges to ultimately bring back pride for our country.

Vandana Katariya is an Arjuna award winner, while Neha Goyal is an Asian Games medallist. Gurjit Kaur is an excellent drag-flicker who enjoyed recent success in the Tokyo Olympics.

Speaking on the occasion, Mullen Lintas, Azaz’s CCO, said: “We thought inspiration is one value, India’s heartland has always loved and the name Agni stands for the fire inside. The idea of choosing Indian Women’s Hockey Team came from the clients’ and we loved it. As no one represents the brand positioning of Josh everyday better than the Indian Women’s Hockey Team. We just needed to tell their real-life inspiring story of Josh to the world. And the campaign is doing just that.”

Adding to it, Gurjit Kaur, Indian Field Hockey Player, said: “Girls from my hometown were restricted to go out and play hockey owing to the societal norms that played an obstacle to our professional aspirations. However, once I started playing hockey there was no turning back. The determination to make my parents proud fuelled my soul with josh to overcome any hardship and to somehow live my dream to the fullest. TATA Tea Agni, as a brand recognised my struggle and brought alive my josh se bhari kahani.”

Neha Goyal, Indian Field Hockey Player, added: “Hailing from a poor family, my childhood was rather difficult. There were hardly any resources left to pursue a sport and so I joined hockey with the hopes that I could at least get some clothes and shoes for playing. I was good at the game and my situation started to improve gradually until I encountered another major hurdle – physical injury. I was at the peak of my career but had to leave the camp owing to the injury. I had lost all hopes but my coach motivated me and fuelled my josh to make a comeback, akin to how TATA Tea Agni fuels josh and the spirit of awakening every day with its strong cup of tea.”

Lastly, Vandana Katariya, Indian Field Hockey Player, said: “My life has been a constant struggle. But with time, I grew to understand that struggles and challenges only make one stronger and more determined. It is heartening to see families in my hometown now supporting and encouraging their daughters to follow their passion. We should always ignite our josh and follow our dreams because ‘Jinke andar agni hoti hai, wo har muskil, har chunauti ko apnaate hain josh se’.’’

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