Surya Kumar Yadav becomes brand ambassador of Boult Audio

Boult Audio has always created a stir in the market and among its customers.

Surya Kumar Yadav, an Indian cricketer, has been named as the new brand ambassador for a homegrown consumer electronics manufacturer, Boult Audio. Along with him, the former Indian cricket team captain, late Tiger Pataudi’s son and Bollywood superstar, Saif Ali Khan, has also been named as the brand ambassador.

Boult Audio has always created a stir in the market and among its customers.

Surya Kumar Yadav, also known as Sky, is widely regarded as the best T20 batter in the world currently, due to his incredible run in the shortest format. His recent performances and exhilarating batting style have turned him into a fan favourite as well as an opponent’s worst nightmare.

Sky has scored the most runs in T20Is this year and is currently ranked second in the ICC T20I rankings. Boult Audio has also skyrocketed with record-breaking performance and its remarkable portfolio that has become a favourite among its rapidly growing audience.

Varun Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of Boult Audio, said, “Wireless earphones, which Boult Audio is primarily known for, sum up the zeitgeist of our youth. And with Saif Ali Khan and Suryakumar Yadav as the perfect fit for our brand, we believe this will only strengthen our connection with our audience, attract newer ones, and drive them towards a superior experience with our product portfolio that’s been specially developed to fit into the consumers’ life. We also believe this will help us expand our horizons and reach out to a much broader audience. We are glad that Saif has agreed to become our brand ambassador since we cannot think of a better person to represent Boult Audio to our target audience and prospective consumers. Here’s to many years of a fabulous association.”

Suryakumar Yadav, said, “I am thrilled to be associated with Boult Audio for their exciting catalogue. I have always enjoyed listening to music, which helps me unwind. With Boult Audio, I now have a partner which will keep me in good spirits during tours and matches.”

Gupta went on to explain how watching and analysing the young generation, their behavioural patterns, and aspirations have provided Boult Audio with a great deal of precision on what they pursue and want. Boult Audio has been able to become the widely recommended TWS partner for their primary audience because they make it a priority to implement the skills and knowledge from such studies during the process of product development.

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