Surat Textile Industry playing big role in IPL 2020

The growing tensions between India and China have led to boycott Chinese products in India. The decrease in imports has provided opportunities for Indian Industries to step up and contribute to the economy of the country. Besides, Indian Premier League (IPL) has paved the way for the investment for Indian industries.

According to a report from Ahmedabad Mirror, Surat’s Textile Industries are playing a key role in the production of kits worn by the player. The report insists that there has been a significant drop in the import of knitted polyester cloth from China. In such a scenario, circular knitting and textile industries from Surat have stepped up in the production of apparel worn by teams in IPL.

Considering the severe impact of the coronavirus pandemic on homegrown industries, this is a big breakthrough for the textile industry. It also goes in line with the motto of promoting homegrown products preached by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

Moreover, the deal between IPL and Surat’s circular textile industry also allows in decreasing unemployment woes in the textile industry. It is a win-win situation for all parties, including the Indian government, as it helps in boosting the GDP, albeit by a small margin.

The IPL apparel produced by Surat’s circular industries also allows them to get a global platform to showcase the quality of the product. It remains to be seen whether this model will be followed in other sports since there are no signs of tensions easing between India and China.


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