Supreme TV lands broadcasting rights for LPL in Sri Lanka

The Lankan Premier League earned $54.5 million in its inaugural season as per media reports.

The Lankan Premier League is set to be broadcasted by Supreme TV ( a Sri Lankan TV channel) in Sri Lanka. The TV channel has got hold of the broadcasting rights from the IPG Group, which is the official franchise and broadcast holder. As for India, Sony Network will be showing the matches live. The inaugural edition was broadcasted by Sky Sports, Sony Sports Network, Geo, PTV, and Willow TV, ITN in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, US, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

The Lankan Premier League was a hit last season and reached a total of 557 million people all across the globe. The first edition was played at the Mahinda Rajapaksa International Stadium from November 26th to December 16th 2020. Moreover, the first season was extremely profitable for the sponsors as well. The total media evaluation was estimated at $54.5 million with the title sponsor My11Circle enjoying heavy profits.

This agreement will enable the Lankan Premier League to expand across the entire country. It’s clear from the reports that after the inaugural season, the competition has become extremely popular with almost 155 million live streaming the tournament. Another additional 218 million people watched the action on various social media platforms.

It is with great pride and humility we undertake this joyous mission. Supreme TV has become a household name and it is the fastest growing Sinhala Language channel in Sri Lanka with special focus on sports and entertainment,” said RM Manivannan, Chairman Supreme TV.

“At a time when our nation is going through a challenging period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, LPL comes as a breath of fresh air to infuse positivity and regain its character as a sport loving nation. LPL brings to the island the revolutionary concept of franchise T20 cricket which features international cricketers of repute pitched along with our own leading cricketers, not to mention the budding ones who greatly learn from this exposure. One of my biggest hopes is that young and upcoming cricketing talent that our country has always been blessed with, uses this opportunity to harness their talent and soon start to compete for selection in the national side,” he added.

LPL is a great opportunity given to Sri Lankans to see many cricketing stars in action, whilst passionately supporting their preferred team all in our turf. Supreme TV considers it a great privilege to take this rare entertainment to all Sri Lankans – the urban elite, as well as to every village, with their strong island wide coverage for a continuous period of almost a month. For a cricket loving nation, which is slowly disengaging from the pandemic at this moment, the opportunity to enjoy the high quality second season from home is probably the best year end gift.”

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