Stade Francais secure six-year deal with SPORTFIVE

In this deal, SPORTFIVE will also offer the club a devoted sponsorship and hospitality sales team.

A French top-flight rugby union club, Stade Francais has signed a new six-year strategic partnership with an international sports marketing agency, SPORTFIVE.

The organisation will recommend the Top 14 club on a variety of topics, including sponsorship experience, accommodation, business ticketing, and the economic expansion of B2-B revenues both domestically and internationally.

In this deal, SPORTFIVE will also offer the club a devoted sponsorship and hospitality sales team. Moreover, additional help from the company’s central unit will also be provided in Boulogne-Billancourt.

Along with the aforementioned details, SPORTFIVE and State Francais have also agreed to open a new hospitality lounge for the 2022/23 Top 14 season.

Thomas Lombard, Managing Director of Stade Francais, said, “Stade Français Paris is delighted to integrate SPORTFIVE into its driving forces to help it achieve its ambitious objectives. [As an] international leader in sports marketing and a pioneer in sports sponsorship, SPORTFIVE will enable us to provide our partners and our business club with support and assistance commensurate with the challenges of their brands.

“This collaboration reflects the ambitions of the Stade Français Paris to become in the coming years one of the major players in the world of sport-business, ready to meet the challenges of the future.”

Laurent Moretti, Managing Director of SPORTFIVE, commented, “Stade Français Paris is a historic and major rugby club with a unique identity which we have already immersed ourselves in to build the club’s new commercial offers and on which we will rely to grow the Stade Français Paris in France and internationally.”

Back in June, SPORTFIVE also extended its partnership deal with FC Bayern Basketball till June 2025.

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