SportVot rakes in an undisclosed amount in seed funding round

The company educated the sports community about streaming live sports online, and then provided them with clinical features.

SportVot gathered an undisclosed amount from the seed capital funding round led by Ankur Capital, Capital A, SucSeed Ventures, and Marwah Sports.

SportVot arrived as a possible answer to eliminate certain factors by bringing an innovation that offered premium streaming attributes at an exceedingly affordable rate, and with its mobile streaming and remote production configuration, it ensured that this facility was accessible and applicable to all.

The company first educated the sports community about the advantages of streaming live sports online and then provided them with clinical features such as data analysis and player profiling. Furthermore, they brought talent from all over the nation to the forefront and provided them with a place to communicate with a wider audience and interact with the sporting world throughout the nation.

SportVot dug deep into domestic sports like kabaddi and volleyball and ensured that such sports receive the attention they rightfully deserve. With such dedication, SportVot has reached the point where it is becoming associated with grassroots sports.

SportVot is expanding its task to revamp the local sports environment by launching the Maha Mumbai Kabaddi League, a franchise-based Kabaddi tournament. The competition is intended with the resolute ambition of uplifting sports talent from around the country in mind. This will allow athletes of all ages to demonstrate their talent and grow in a professional setting.

SportVot’s journey has always been full of obstacles, the most foremost of which was the pandemic, which audaciously impacted all sectors. Without deviating from its objective, the organisation with such fundraising is striving to investigate newer geographies and develop advanced technology that provides every athlete and sports association with effective talent development and tracking process.

Sidhhant Agarwal, Founder, SportVot, said, “The latest fundraise will help us scale our product and technology as we discover the next generation of sports talent across India.”

Rema Subramanian, Managing Partner Ankur Capital, said, “Sportvot enables young sportspersons to showcase their talent and be discovered, leading to penetration of sports into the masses and making India a leading sports nation.”

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