Spinny releases new campaign with brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar

The film series showcases how several people go beyond their limits for their dreams, love and self.

The used car marketplace, Spinny, has unveiled a new campaign featuring its brand ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar. The campaign commemorates the nation’s mindset of dreaming big and making things happen.

The film series showcases how several people go beyond their limits for their dreams, love and self. In the campaign, the God of Cricket goes back in time when he is driving his very first car, Maruti 800.

The campaign titled ‘Go Far’ is quite relative that features different individuals who are telling their stories where they went beyond their limits to achieve their goals.

The newly unveiled campaign will be visible across several mediums – TV, radio, OOH and OTT.

Niraj Singh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spinny, said, “We believe in life and in your choices, go far. You should be able to buy a car that you actually, really want to buy, that you know would make you happy. With Spinny, we’d go that extra mile, and go far at every step to make it happen for each of our customers, including Sachin Tendulkar. His first car would make him happy in a way that is rooted and real and we made it happen. A car is a special purchase for a home and our endeavor is to make it extra special for each of our customers.

Tendulkar said, “A car to me is more than just a mode of travel. It’s my second home, my co-passenger in the journey as one explores life and goes places. Our car reflects us, sometimes complements our personality. When Squad Spinny re-created my first car, it was therefore very special. The team had put in a lot of effort and gone great lengths to bring back special memories of my first car. Spinny values the emotions behind car ownership and strives to provide an experience with timeless values of trust, transparency, and integrity”.

Suvid Bajaj, Chief Marketing Officer, Spinny said, “Our campaign is built on the innate truth that going far, following your dreams, and pushing boundaries are the essence of life. Here at Spinny, all our efforts are in line with this tenet. We ensure that every customer feels delighted and joyous when they buy their car from us. Like Sachin’s attachment to his first car, every member of a household feels the same way when they bring home their first car. We at Spinny are committed to making that experience unique and hassle-free, through our services.”

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