Smriti Mandhana signs deal with Spektacom

Smriti Mandhana announced a partnership deal with Spektacom technology on her social media platform this week. The tech company focuses on coming up with innovative methods that can help in enhancing the performance of cricketers.

Spektacom has come up with stickers on the bat that will be able to help batters to improve the shot hitting quality. The sticker will be adopting a data-driven approach to improve timing, power and placement of shots for the batsmen. Mandhana admitted that she is looking forward to improving as a batter by using the sticker-based technology introduced by Spektacom.


The introduction of technology in cricket has become much more evident in the 21st century. Players are able to work better on their weaknesses in a shorter time by using video analysis. It can also work against them as opposition teams can easily spot the limitations of players.

Spektacom is looking to bring more technological advances in the game to improve the quality of players. The tech firm will get a big boost by partnering with one of the best batters in women’s cricket. This partnership will help Spektacom to get a wider reach and attract established players in the game to make use of this technology.

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