SLT, LiveLike come together to create ‘fan team platform’

Fans can invest in the team through graded subscriptions starting between US$14 to US$20,000 per season.

Super League Triathlon (SLT) has revealed that fans will be able to obtain a share in one of its racing franchises. SLT has also stated that franchises would be launched for the first time and that fans will be able to manage the Cheetahs franchise using a fresh framework developed by the integrated digital marketing company LiveLike.

Fans can invest in the team through graded subscriptions starting between US$14 to US$20,000 per season, with different advantages depending on the quality of involvement.

In September, the extended two-month SLT Championship Series will kick off in Paris leading to London, Munich, Malibu, and Toulouse as part of a five-stop series that will conclude in a ‘grand final’ event.

SLT Chief Executive and Co-Founder, Michael D’hulst, stated, “Super League Triathlon is going into its fourth season and continues to expand as we will now head to more exciting destinations with events in all the major triathlon markets as part of our commitment to drive innovation, develop a true spectator sport and create even greater value for our athletes.

“We will also take the next step on the journey of our teams concept to create the first official professional league for triathlon and to develop team franchises. As part of this we will again be pushing the boundaries in sport by allowing fans to own one of the franchises. This will offer an incredible proposition as triathlon fans get the chance to be involved in decision making that really makes a difference. To have the chance to help draft the team is a truly unique opportunity.”

The National Basketball Association (NBA), Nascar, and Turner Sports all have utilized LiveLike’s products, but SLT has asked them to establish a ‘fan team platform.’ Fan proprietors would be able to take key decisions about the squad, including as draft choices, kit design features, and strategic selections.

Samuel Westberg, LiveLike Chief Commercial Officer, commented, “By putting power into the hands of fans, SLT is raising the bar for the next phase of engagement and interactivity.

“We look forward to bringing our platform to this innovative concept this fall.”

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