Shantnu Nikhil ropes in Shubman Gill to promote SNCC brand

The Indian opener will be seen endorsing the company in print, television, and other social media campaign.

The luxury fashion brand, Shantnu Nikhil has roped in Indian cricketer Shubman Gill to endorse its newly launched ‘Shantnu Nikhil Cricket Club (SNCC)’ brand.

In this deal, the Indian opener will be seen endorsing the company in print, television, and other social media campaign.

The new designs by Shantnu Nikhil, which was formerly known as Shantanu & Nikhi, encompass the Indian cricketing spirit. The first collection from SNCC includes clothing, footwear, and accessories. The company’s service will be available in S&N Shantnu Nikhil shops along with company’s e-commerce website.

For the Delhi-based duo, mainly recognised for their drapes and army chic stylistic, the Shantnu Nikhil Cricket Club (SNCC) has been a long aspiration. They chose to construct a bridge-to-luxury label that communicates the dialect of feisty, young urban India fused with an influential sporting culture as athletes and sports enthusiasts. The SNCC stands for achievement and progress in all aspects, with a batsman logo incorporated into the signature brand crest.

Designer Shantanu Mehra, said, “SNCC is an aspirational experience that has the power to influence the way people will dress and live life through the love of the sport! It’s a culture we are empowering, where cricket is not just looked as a part of conversations but also celebrated as a form of personal expression.”

On this partnership, Shubman Gill said, “I’m excited and honoured to be the face of Shantnu & Nikhil’s brand new design language – Shantnu Nikhil Cricket Club. They have been the torchbearers of contemporary Indian fashion for a long time and I am all game to be a part of this new movement where cricket will finally find its way into a lifestyle conversation through their medium of luxe fashion.”

About the deal, Designer Nikhil Mehra, commented, “Shantnu Nikhil Cricket Club is a long-awaited dream, inspired by our love for cricket and a vision to connect the sport to lifestyle promise. The building foundation of our childhood revolved around playing various sports, and excelling in most of them. Since sport as a medium has had an incredible impact on how we carved our journey and has been one of the stronger virtues of our design philosophy, we are proud to present a fashion vocabulary which speaks the language of spunky, young urban India merged with a powerful sporting culture, as we offer a new aesthetic.”

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