Serie A ready to ban Juventus for sticking with ESL

Italian FA has decided that Italian giants Juventus will be expelled from Italian top-flight Serie A if they don’t withdraw from the controversial European Super League(ESL). Juventus is the only Italian team to stick with ESL until now along with Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The Bianconeri was one of the 12 teams that joined the European Super League in April, but the English clubs Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspurs, and Arsenal decided to withdraw just 48 hours due to backlash from fans, governing bodies, and media outlets. 

AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Atletico Madrid also eventually decided to drop from this breakaway league, but Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus have decided to remain a part of this league after so much backlash. The trio has been warned and would face strict UEFA sanctions if they don’t turn their back on Super League. 

While talking to a Radio outlet in Napoli, Italian FA President, Gabriele Gravina said, “The rules are clear. If at the start of registration for next season Juve are still part of the Super League, they will not be allowed to participate in Serie A. It would be a shame for all the fans, but there are rules and they are the same for everyone.”

The remaining nine clubs that dropped the ideal of ESL have been handed strict financial punishments by UEFA. The teams that withdrew from this league have agreed to make a combined €15 million goodwill contribution, which would benefit youth and grassroots football across Europe. These clubs will also have 5% Champions League revenue deducted from next season. Moreover, they will have to pay a nine-figure fee if they try to join a breakaway league in the future. Juventus and Spanish giants criticised UEFA for threatening them to leave ESL on Saturday.

Juventus are currently fifth in the Serie A table with 69 points. The former Italian Champions are in grave danger of missing out on the Champions League next season. They suffered a big blow on Sunday as they suffered 3-0 defeat against AC Milan in Turin. This defeat meant that Juventus is one point behind the fourth position. Since they are likely to get a CL ban, finishing in the top four may not mean anything. However, the threat from Serie A could force them to finally drop the idea of ESL.

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