Secretlab becomes official gaming chair partner of Team Vitality

Team Vitality's rosters and facilities will be outfitted with a customized gaming chair that was co-designed by the two companies.

Secretlab, a gaming chair firm, has secured a multi-year collaboration with the French-based esports organization, Team Vitality.

In 2014, Ian Ang and Alaric Choo founded Secretlab, a Singaporean furniture firm. It primarily creates and sells gaming chairs. In Braddell, Singapore, the company has its corporate offices, a research and development facility, an esports gaming arena as well as a factory in China. Secretlab has cooperated with organisers of official esports competitions on many occasions, with the entity providing chairs for the participants.

Team Vitality was founded in 2013 by a group of friends who shared a love for pursuing their wildest ambitions. Team Vitality is based in Paris and is presently one of Europe’s most influential and successful esports clubs, with plans to increase its reach globally. Their teams have won over 100 national and international titles in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Rocket League, Fortnite, Valorant, and FIFA. Beyond performance, they want to develop future generations and help them discover their full potential.

With such a reputation on the back, Team Vitality’s rosters and facilities will be outfitted with a customized gaming chair that was co-designed by the two companies.

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Team Vitality Edition chair, according to the press announcement, contains the organization’s branding and phrase #VFORVICTORY.

“We are really excited to announce our partnership with Secretlab. We believe in the importance of supplying our athletes with the highest quality products to support their health, well-being and competitive development. It’s also great to collaborate with a brand like Secretlab who can take our branding and create something bespoke and special for not just our athletes, but also the Team Vitality community,” said Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality.

Beatrice Wee, Senior Manager of Partnerships at Secretlab, stated, “Team Vitality is definitely well set for an action-packed year with their latest roster movements, and they’re now getting the biggest upgrade in gear with our award-winning chairs — ensuring their players consistently deliver peak performances”

Team Vitality established collaborations with Crédit Agricole, a French international banking organisation, and Tezos, a blockchain network. Secretlab is also a partner for a number of esports organizations, including the LEC, Evil Geniuses, and Play Magnus Group (PMG).

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