Saurashtra Premier League grants digital and creative responsibilities to Digital Latte

With this responsibility, Digital Latte will helm the esteemed role of promoting Saurashtra Premier League (SPL) with the help of creative and engaging content.

The T20 tournament from Saurashtra, the Saurashtra Premier League (SPL) has granted the digital and creative mandate to the Mumbai-based creative agency, Digital Latte. 

With this responsibility, Digital Latte will helm the esteemed role of promoting SPL with the help of creative and engaging content, which can assist in promoting the league, teams, and fans locally and throughout India, as well.

Speaking about this new alliance, Chintan Vora, Founder & Director at Digital Latte, said, “We are thrilled to work with Saurashtra Premier League. Having worked with different sports franchises, federations & leagues, we understand the energy and approach it takes to work with a sports brand. We love working with people and brands that are setting new standards and SPL Twenty-20 fits right there. We are looking forward to making their digital presence stronger as we move forward and for this partnership to continue for the years to come.”

Saurashtra Premier League has grown in reputation and stature across the last two seasons. For Saurashtra Premier League 2023, we intend to elevate the user experience both on and off the field. Considering the short tenure of the tournament, digital plays a key role in promotion & engaging with our fan base. After evaluating multiple agencies, we found that Digital Latte understands and aligns with our goals.” stated Gulshan.

A full-service creative digital agency with nine years of experience, Digital Latte is located in Mumbai, India. The company crafts original ideas for ambitious start-ups and multinational corporations in India, the USA, the Middle East, and the UK using its core competencies in digital, design, and development.

The new season of the marquee T20 league from Saurashtra is to be held from June 15 till June 24, 2023.

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