Rudy Gobert joins Trendex as investor and brand ambassador

Via the innovative platform, Trendex, fans can purchase official and limited-edition licenced cards.

Rudy Gobert, a well-known National Basketball Association (NBA) player, has joined Trendex as an investor and brand ambassador. He is among the top-paid sportsmen and is often regarded as the greatest defender in the elite American league.

Via the innovative platform, Trendex, fans can purchase official and limited-edition licenced cards.

Trendex simplifies its method of development. Along with many other greats, Rudy Gobert is the next notable basketball player to register for the trip. He had previously played in esports and was passionate about Web 3, so he joined another cutting-edge venture whose concepts truly intrigued him.

With the help of Trendex, fans can make new connections with the stars of today and tomorrow while also making money from the things they are passionate about. Rudy Gobert will leverage his background as an athlete and his understanding of sports, particularly those played across the Atlantic, as an investor and company ambassador to assist Trendex in locating and fostering the next generation of talent.

Users of Trendex have a rare chance to invest in the future careers of many different types of artists, from musicians to athletes. Users can purchase limited edition, unique shares of the largest and most promising performers. Users can receive extra credits each month by keeping these shares in their wallets, which can then be withdrawn or used to buy more talent.

By placing his trust in Trendex, Rudy Gobert joins an innovative platform that is experiencing rapid growth. Trendex tokens have seen an average increase in value of 127% since their launch, with some having already reached up to 10 times their initial value over time. As an investor, Rudy Gobert will help Trendex identify the most promising talents and increase the value of its shares.

Rudy Gobert, said, “I am delighted to join Trendex as an investor and ambassador of the platform. Trendex offers sports fans a great opportunity to take part in the success of the talents they believe in. Helping to identify the next major figures in the sport while helping to grow the platform is a great challenge to take up.”

With Gobert’s assistance, Trendex will be able to link users with future talent and provide an even better user experience. Every week, the platform welcomes two fresh performers from various fields, such as basketball and football. Renato Sanches from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Jesse Lingard from Nottingham Forest, Andy Delort, the African Cup of Nations champion, and Lisandru Olmeta, the goalkeeper for the French U17 soccer team, are all well-known talents. Lisandru Olmeta is a promising youngster from Monaco who has the potential to succeed in the near future.

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