Rotherham United announce Ticketmaster as official ticketing partner for five years

Ticketmaster has become part of Rotherham United ahead of the start of 2024–25 season ticket sales, in an act that the side believes will enhance the ticketing experience for fans.

The English Football League (EFL) team, Rotherham United have announced a partnership with an innovative ticketing provider, Ticketmaster.

As part of the deal, the brand has been named the official ticketing partner of the club for the next five years.

The internationally renowned ticketing firm becomes part of the Millers ahead of the official start of 2024–25 season ticket sales on May 15, 2024. Through this move, the side believes it will improve and enhance the ticketing experience for fans attending matches at AESSEAL New York Stadium and on the road.

Furthermore, the agreement will include a fresh new ticketing website hosted by Ticketmaster that fans will be able to browse easily. Along with this, the Millers will also launch digital season tickets for the first time with the assistance of their ticketing partners.

The team believes that this move will not only increase fan convenience but also shorten lineups at the gates on matchdays. Additionally, fans will be able to carry their 2024–2025 season tickets on their phones and get into the gates using the same contactless method.

The implementation of Ticketmaster will not mean the end for fans who prefer a physical season ticket card. Like previous years, tickets will be available upon request during the application stage of purchasing the 2024-25 season ticket.

Cameron Harris, Head of Supporter Services at Rotherham, said, “The option to digitalise our season ticket product will not only be more convenient for supporters in the modern age, but also reduce queuing times at turnstiles on match days. A slicker checkout experience will allow supporters to purchase a ticket, not only more quickly, but also more conveniently. The ability to add a more sophisticated stadium map will mean that fans can be crystal clear on where they are purchasing tickets for within the stadium bowl.

“The ability to run sophisticated marketing campaigns will help us to continue to engage the wider community and reach supporters and families who may not have visited us before.”

Ticketmaster is an industry leader that takes pride in its technological innovation as well as the support and marketing services it provides to its customers. It is at the vanguard of ticketing for internationally known music acts and athletic events, with a long and successful track record of managing ticketing operations for some of the world’s top names in a variety of industries.

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