Rooter announces partnership with GodLike

Rooter will also be a sponsor for GodLike in all future matches and events.

India’s one of the biggest game streaming platforms, Rooter has announced that it has joined forces with the esports team, GodLike. Rooter will have exclusive live streaming rights for GodLike’s BGMI, Free Fire, CODM, and new forms of live gaming content under the terms of the partnership agreement. As per the firm, this collaboration is the largest esports contract in India’s history.

Rooter has quickly gone from entering India’s game streaming arena two years ago to becoming the largest game and esports streaming platform, unleashing a big wave in India’s esports terrain.

The two companies’ collaboration will not be restricted to game streaming, Rooter will also be a sponsor for GodLike in all future matches and events. GodLike’s current active content creators like ‘Jonathan’ Amaral, Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare, Abhishek ‘ZGOD’ Choudhary, Vivek ‘ClutchGod’ Horo, Suraj ‘Neyoo’ Majumdar, and Ashpreet ‘Gill’ Singh can be found on Rooter. As part of this partnership, all of these streamers can now exclusively be seen streaming live on Rooter.

Dipesh Agarwal, Co-Founder & COO, Rooter, said, “GodLike is one of the most popular teams in the Indian eSports ecosystem and we foresee building a long-term relationship with them. Having their roster of professional gamers as part of our massive community will give the fans tons of exclusive content and a chance to interact with their favourite streamers. This is the biggest deal ever signed in India’s esports ecosystem, and by joining forces with GodLike, we look forward to building an enormous and competitive community of streamers and influencers on our platform.”

Amar Sanjay Chandgude, Director, Godlike esports said, “We are thrilled to partner with the country’s most popular game streaming platform. The speed of innovation and the incredible gaming experience Rooter offers reaffirms its commitment to scale eSports in India. GODLIKE ESPORTS is known for exploring and nurturing gaming talent across India. They have created India’s leading teams in BGMI, FREE FIRE AND CODM. The team is on a mission to build the most successful eSports ecosystem the world has ever witnessed.”

Although the esports market in India is still in its infancy, it is expected to hit INR 3 billion by FY2021. According to a recent EY report, the market is anticipated to register INR 11 billion by FY2025. Interestingly, esports has a much larger economic impact and has the capacity to create around INR 100 billion in economic value between now and FY2025.

Rooter intends to seize this opportunity by collaborating with notable esports teams and arising as a lubricant in India’s transformation into a global gaming dominant force.

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