Roland Garros 2024: Sponsor Watch

The 2024 edition promises another chapter in this prestigious tournament's legacy, and alongside the fierce competition, a roster of esteemed sponsors adds to the grandeur of the event.

Steeped in history and tradition, Roland Garros, the iconic French Open, played on its signature red clay courts, stands as a true test of a champion and is widely considered the most physically demanding Grand Slam tournament.

With its gruelling rallies and unforgiving surface, Roland Garros has witnessed only one true king: the legendary Rafael Nadal, whose record-breaking 14 titles stand as a testament to his dominance.

The 2024 edition promises another chapter in this prestigious tournament’s legacy, and alongside the fierce competition, a roster of esteemed sponsors adds to the grandeur of the event.

Let’s turn our attention to the official partners powering the premier clay court championship in the world and the only Grand Slam tournament currently held on this surface.

Main Partner

BNP Paribas: Headquartered in Paris, BNP Paribas is a prominent European financial services company, encompassing universal banking and holdings. More than just a sponsor since 1973 at Roland Garros, their dedication to tennis goes deep. BNP Paribas actively fosters the future of clay-court champions by backing French tennis programs at the grassroots level.

Premier Partner

Emirates: A giant among the skies, Emirates is one of the two main airlines representing the United Arab Emirates. Headquartered in Dubai’s Garhoud district, this carrier is part of The Emirates Group, which is ultimately owned by Dubai’s government entity, the Investment Corporation of Dubai. More than just transporting passengers, Emirates takes pride in its role as the official airline of Roland Garros since 2013.

Lacoste: A perfect fit for the Parisian tournament, Lacoste, the iconic French brand with the crocodile logo, has been an official partner since 2017, bringing a touch of timeless elegance. The partnership isn’t just about branding; Lacoste also designs the official tournament clothing worn by ball boys and girls, referees, and linespeople, ensuring a touch of Parisian flair on the court.

Renault: A titan of the French automotive industry, Renault has partnered with Roland Garros since 2022. Their association goes beyond just showcasing the latest car models. Renault is heavily involved in promoting sustainability efforts at the tournament, providing electric vehicles for player transportation and implementing eco-friendly practices throughout the event.

Rolex: The epitome of luxury and precision timing, Rolex has been the official timekeeper and watch of Roland Garros since 2019. Their partnership ensures every second counts, not just on the court, but also in the high-pressure world of professional tennis.

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Engie: Championing sustainable solutions, Engie has been the official green energy supplier of Roland Garros since 2014. The French multinational utility company’s role goes beyond simply powering the tournament. Engie actively implements energy-saving measures throughout the stadium and works with the French Tennis Federation (FFT) to promote environmental responsibility within the sport.

Haier: A major global home appliance brand, Haier became a Roland Garros partner in 2023. Their focus extends beyond just brand visibility. Haier also provides top-notch appliances for player lounges and relaxation areas, ensuring comfort and relaxation for the athletes throughout the tournament.

Infosys: A leading Indian multinational information technology company, Infosys joined the Roland Garros sponsor family in 2019. The entity’s technological expertise is on display throughout the tournament, powering the official Roland Garros app, website, and digital platforms, ensuring a seamless and connected experience for fans around the world.

Mastercard: Joining the Roland Garros sponsor family in 2013, Mastercard is the official payments partner of the tournament. Mastercard offers fans exclusive experiences, including meet-and-greets with tennis ambassadors, behind-the-scenes access, and the chance to witness the breathtaking skills of the players from some of the best seats in the stadium.

Perrier: The refreshing taste of Perrier has been a Roland Garros sponsor since 1978, offering a perfect on-court refreshment for players and a bubbly addition to the spectator experience. Their partnership isn’t limited to hydration; Perrier is also known for its lively activation zones within the stadium, offering interactive games and giveaways for fans.

Wilson: A legendary sporting goods brand, Wilson has been the official ball supplier of Roland Garros since 2020. The manufacturer’s commitment goes beyond just providing the balls. Wilson also works closely with the tournament organizers to ensure the clay courts are perfectly prepared and maintained, guaranteeing optimal playing conditions for every match.

Official Suppliers

Adecco: A global leader in human resources solutions, Adecco joined the Roland Garros sponsor roster in 1999. The Swiss-French company’s role is crucial, playing a vital part in assembling the vast workforce needed to run the tournament smoothly. Adecco recruits and manages everything from security personnel to catering staff, ensuring a seamless experience for players, spectators, and media.

Hesperide: A French water company, keeping players and spectators hydrated throughout the hot Parisian days. Their partnership extends beyond just providing water; Hesperide also supports local recycling initiatives, aligning with Roland Garros’ commitment to sustainability.

Isdin: A Spanish skincare brand, Isdin provides sun protection for athletes battling it out under the Parisian sun. The healthcare brand’s involvement goes beyond on-court needs. Isdin also offers educational programs for young players, promoting sun safety awareness within the sport.

JCDecaux: A leading outdoor advertising company, JCDecaux ensures maximum visibility for the tournament. The media company’s strategically placed billboards and digital displays around the stadium grounds keep fans informed and engaged, showcasing the excitement of Roland Garros.

Lavazza: The renowned Italian coffee brand, Lavazza, offers a delightful pick-me-up for fans throughout the tournament. its presence isn’t limited to concession stands. Lavazza also sets up hospitality lounges within the stadium, providing a space for tournament guests and VIPs to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Magnum: The decadent ice cream brand, Magnum, provides a sweet treat to celebrate victories, both on and off the court. The partnership goes beyond just offering a delicious dessert.

Moet Hennessy: The prestigious luxury beverage group, Moet Hennessy, adds a touch of champagne glamour to the tournament. The luxury goods company’s involvement extends beyond post-match celebrations. Moet Hennessy also sponsors exclusive VIP events throughout Roland Garros, offering a luxurious experience for high-profile guests.

Orange: A major French telecommunications company, Orange keeps everyone connected. The entity ensures smooth communication for players, coaches, tournament officials, and media. Orange also provides free Wi-Fi access throughout the stadium grounds, allowing fans to stay connected and share their Roland Garros experience with the world.

Potel et Chabot: A renowned Parisian caterer, Potel et Chabot ensures a delightful culinary experience for players, VIPs, and media within the exclusive hospitality areas. The high-end event cater’s focus extends beyond just fine dining. Potel et Chabot also works with the tournament organizers to offer a variety of food options for spectators throughout the stadium, catering to diverse tastes and budgets.

Stella Artois: The iconic Belgian beer brand, Stella Artois, adds a celebratory touch to the tournament. Its presence isn’t just limited to concession stands. Stella Artois also sets up lively fan zones within the stadium, offering a space for spectators to socialize, enjoy a refreshing beer, and celebrate the excitement of Roland Garros.

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