Riyanshu Negi signs deal with DME sports academy

Riyanshu Negi has signed a contract with DME sports academy – a prep school in Daytona Beach, Florida. The 18-year-old shooting-guard is the fourth student-athlete from NBA Academy India to commit to a high-school or college basketball program in the United States of America. DME Sports Academy is one of the top sports training facilities in the world. The Academy offers a wide range of training options that can help in overall development of athletes.

Negi belonged to the first batch of 21 student athletes that joined the NBA Academy India through the ACG-NBA Jump Program when it first opened its doors in 2017 at Jaypee Greens Integrated Sports Complex in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).  

While talking about the contract, Negi said, “This opportunity with DME Sports Academy will be a new challenge for me, and I am optimistic that it will add new dimensions to my game. I would like to thank the coaching staff at NBA Academy India and my fellow teammates who pushed me to become a better version of myself every day.”

The National Basket Association is the most popular franchise-based basketball league in the United States of America. The league inaugurated its first academy in India in 2017 to nurture the top male and female prospects from India.

Wesam Alsous, Head Coach at DME said, “At its core, DME Academy represents the opportunity for personal growth. No matter what each student-athlete has set for a personal goal, it’s our mission to help them achieve that goal. We are excited to work with Riyanshu this winter/spring on campus.”

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