Riot Games enters into a multi-year sponsorship deal with Santander

The Santander branding will be prominent at the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL).

Riot Games, a game publisher, has signed a five-year deal with Santander, a Spanish banking giant. Santander will become the master sponsor of League of Legends competitions in Brazil as part of the agreement.

The Santander branding will be prominent at the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL) and its Academy division as part of the agreement. In the finals, Santander will also present the trophy and the MVP award. During game breaks and special drops (Spectator received symbols and emoticons from the League of Legends game), the Santander logo will be displayed.

Being able to count on the support of Santander is a source of great pride for us. In addition to reinforcing the growing importance of eSports in Brazil, this long-term partnership allows us to further develop the local competitive scene of League of Legends, and create together with Santander new possibilities and experiences that only Santander can offer CBLOL fans,” said, Carlos Antunes, Head of Esports, Riot Games, Brazil.

The partnership with CBLOL represents a great milestone for Santander, which enters with all its might in one of the most traditional eSports championships in Brazil. We will walk side by side with gamers, both professionals and amateurs, as well as those who work to be a pro player in electronic sports. We are not here just to be just another sponsor, but also to contribute to the CBLOL Academy and, respectively, to the Brazilian eSports scenario,” stated, Danielle Sardenberg, Executive Superintendent of Marketing at Santander.

Riot Games, Inc., situated in West Los Angeles, California, is an American video game developer, publisher, and esports event organiser. Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill created it in September 2006 to develop League of Legends, and it went on to develop various spin-off games as well as the independent first-person shooter game Valorant.

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