Riot Games announce Heineken as new CBLOL sponsor

For the next two years, Heineken shall market its non-alcoholic beer label, 'Heineken 0.0'.

Riot Games has announced that the multinational brewing company, Heineken will be the official partner of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL).

For the next two years, Heineken shall market its non-alcoholic beer label, ‘Heineken 0.0,’ in CBLOL broadcasts.

Brazil has one of the most active esports communities in the world, and CBLOL is among the most renowned tournaments in the Brazilian esports industry, with an average viewership of 200,000 attendees and presumed to surpass almost 500,000 for the finals in 2021.

In addition, the beer brand has obtained the entitlement privileges to the trophy presented to the best player picked by the community (Craque da Galera in Portuguese), which will be awarded at the completion of the year.

CBLOL’s second split in 2022 commences on June 11. The beverage company has already been featured throughout the programming and live tournament, which occurs at Riot Games’ ‘CBLOL Arena’ studio in São Paulo in front of a huge crowd.

This is Heineken’s inaugural League of Legends promotion, as well as the first time a beer sponsor has been incorporated into a Riot Games brand image in Brazil.

Eduardo Picarelli, Director of the Heineken Business Unit in Brazil, stated, “Heineken 0.0 arrived in Brazil inheriting communication platforms from the parent brand and will now lead Heineken’s gaming platform in the world. Being inserted in the gaming universe allows us to create relevant brand experiences for consumers and competitors, as well as amplifying our messages to a new audience that is attentive and engaged in high performance.”

Riot additionally struck an agreement with Bud Light for the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) in 2020 in the North American market.

Riot Games has added another major sponsor to the Brazilian League of Legends series, in addition to Heineken. Santander signed a five-year arrangement with the company in April to be promoted in CBLOL and its Academy division.

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