Riot Games adds Mercedes to League of Legends sponsor-list

Riot Games has added another premium brand to the list of sponsors for League of Legends (LoL) by signing a deal with Mercedes. The premium car brand will now be seen sponsoring League of Legends events, such as the World Championship, the Mid-Season Invitational, and the All-Star Event. The brand also becomes the first-ever sponsor of the Trophy ceremony.

The sponsorship will begin with the 2020 World Championship. Mercedes will be granted visibility at the tournament’s opening ceremony alongside Mastercard. As part of the deal’s conditions, Riot’s newly-available in-game banner advertising will be utilised for the series.

Mercedes-Benz has been previously associated with Riot Games as the regional sponsor of the League of Legends Pro League since 2018. The new deal is the extension of the existing deal and with this association, the car brand also grows its presence in the esports arena at the Global level.

Bettina Fetzer, Vice president of marketing at Mercedes-Benz said, “We’ve been engaged with League of Legends on a regional level over the past few years, but we really felt that it was time to expand into the next level and engage with an even broader audience and support a community we’ve come to call family.”

Riot Games is focussing on strengthening its sponsorship portfolio for the LoL championship by adding a number of global brands from diversified domains in the last couple of months. To date, they’ve partnered with technology specialist – CISCO, music streaming partner – Spotify, electronics brand – Bose. Mercedes is the latest addition.

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship will begin on September 25 and runs until October 31.


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