Reliance Industries Limited reveals names and identities of its two new franchises

The names of the two teams are 'MI Emirates' in the UAE's International League T20 and 'MI Cape Town' in the Cricket South Africa T20 League.

The owner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) outfit Mumbai Indians (MI), Reliance Industries Limited, has revealed the names and brand identities of the two new franchises entering the Mumbai Indians #OneFamily.

The names of the two teams are ‘MI Emirates’ in the UAE’s International League T20 and ‘MI Cape Town’ in the Cricket South Africa T20 League. The ‘MI Emirates’ and ‘MI Cape Town’ were selected as names because they refer to the particular areas where the groups will be premised.

Both teams are committed to fans in both the Emirates and Cape Town. The new entities incorporate the Mumbai Indians’ identity as well as local influences, according to the statement.

The international reach of ‘One Family’ will introduce the ideology and beliefs that have helped boost Mumbai Indians to the leagues.

Nita M. Ambani, Director of Reliance Industries, said, “It gives me great pleasure to welcome ‘MI Emirates’ & ‘MI Cape Town’, the newest additions to our #Onefamily. For us, MI goes beyond cricket. It embodies the ability to dream, be fearless and foster a positive attitude in life. I am sure that both MI Emirates and MI Cape Town will embrace the same ethos and take MI’s global cricket legacy to even greater heights.”

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