Regional partnerships witness a spike as sports teams aim to explore new territories

Change is the only constant, the evolvement in this standard practice has brought the concept of regional partnership.

A brand sponsoring a team where the team receives services while the brand receives exposure throughout the duration of the partnership is an age-old traditional process in the sports industry.

Change is the only constant, the evolvement in this standard practice has brought the concept of regional partnership, where the team and brand are affiliated in just one region like just in one continent or one country.

A globally-renowned sports team partners up with a company and the association is restricted only to one city or country or continent, most of the time where the company is headquartered. The objective of the sports team in a regional partnership is to leverage the local brand’s users and expand its presence in the region. On the other end, the brand aims to receive exposure at the global level by associating with a renowned team in regional collaboration.

The year 2022 has witnessed a plethora of such regional partnerships, let’s have a look at them:

In the recent development, AS Monaco signed a regional sponsorship deal with Casino Secret in Japan for two years. AC Milan teamed up with M88 Mansion and Betsson in Asia and Latin America, respectively. The Serie A team will cater to the users of the two aforementioned brands in their respective regions by creating content and providing services that will resonate with the local audiences.

Earlier this year, FIFA signed Claro as a regional partner for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The Spanish giant, FC Barcelona have also extended their association with a Brazilian bank, BMG.

Moving away from football, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) appointed BTNature as a regional partner in China.

Such regional partnerships allow a global sports team to target a particular region and enhance its influence while the brand has the opportunity to go beyond the borders and strengthen its presence.

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