Real Madrid receive €360 million investment from Sixth Street

The firm will be engaged in the development of new enterprises at the Bernabeu for the next 20 years.

Real Madrid revealed that it has agreed to a €360 million ($381 million) investment from Sixth Street in return for being able to participate in economic projects at the renovated Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

With $60 billion in assets, Sixth Street is an international investment company. Growth investing, adjacencies, direct lending, fundamental public strategies, infrastructure, unique situations, agricultural, and par liquid credit are among the nine investment platforms used by the firm.

Real Madrid’s council of directors approved the arrangement on Wednesday. The club claimed in a statement that the agreement would “Elevate the Santiago Bernabeu stadium as a unique venue and a worldwide benchmark for leisure and entertainment.”

Sixth Street has already invested in Spotify, Airbnb, and the National Basketball Association‘s (NBA) San Antonio Spurs. The firm will be engaged in the development of new enterprises at the Bernabeu for the next 20 years in exchange.

The Legends, an American sports and special shows management firm that is partially owned by Sixth Street and has supervised Real Madrid’s retail operations since 2020, is also part of the deal announced on Thursday.

The €360 million might be “spent across any of the club’s activities,” including transfers to improve the first-team roster, however, the club did not clarify how and when the money might arrive. The revamped Bernabeu, which will cost roughly €800 million ($847 million) and will have a retractable field, is expected to be ready at the end of 2022.

In order to considerably enhance Bernabeu’s revenue streams, the club has used images of the venue hosting NBA and National Football League (NFL) games, as well as tennis competitions and concerts.

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