Ravi Shastri launches sports management and marketing agency

The agency will specialize in creating and marketing new sports properties, mergers, and acquisitions.

Ravi Shastri, the former Indian cricketer and the head coach, has launched a new sports management and marketing agency, named ‘Sporting Beyond’. However, he is not alone in this journey, as Ravi Shastri is joined by Papia Pradeep Guha and Jaiveer Panwar in partnership to start this initiative.

The agency helmed by Shastri will focus on creating and marketing new sports mergers, properties, and acquisitions. While it will also be working on existing properties across all the sports within the country and globally.

To associate with the established individuals along with new talent across several sports in India and worldwide will be the primary objective of Sporting Beyond. However, cricket will remain the focus in the country, but all other sports will also be given equal representation and promotion.

Globally, the focus will be on multi-sport properties, selling of rights, and creating new properties which will be in collaboration with like-minded partners.

The company will be having an in-house digital team, whose work will be to focus and drive digital content that is required for all properties as well as with the talents. The agency believes that technology and digitization will play a prominent role in this new entity across all platforms and the verticals of its business.

Speaking on the occasion, Ravi Shastri said: “Given the changes that sports are going through in both India and globally, I felt it was important to start a company which will be truly professional in keeping with this evolution. The focus and drive will be to work within India and on a global scale while creating new opportunities and avenues along with existing ones to push the envelope. We will ensure that our clients get the best opportunities to partner with sports properties that bring them the best value and reach in a space that is evolving day by day. Our in-house tech and digital teams will create content around the sporting property and events both in India and globally. Similarly, with regard to both established and fresh talent, we will look at partnerships that are beyond just creating endorsement opportunities. We will also help create opportunities for them in both equity-based partnerships and business investments. Sporting Beyond as the name suggests will break barriers and be the new age of sports management and marketing.”

Adding to it, Jaiveer Panwar, said: “We are extremely happy and grateful to have partnered with a legend like Ravi. We have a common and shared belief on how the space of sports management and marketing needs to evolve and keep pace with the fast-changing requirements of both clients and sports properties and talent. This company will provide the right opportunities and value for the partnership that clients will do with both sporting properties and talent. We will be focusing on the new age economy and business, apart from the existing business modules, backed by our tech and content team.”

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