Qatar Stars League partners with FIFA to improve professional football

The MoM enforces new guidelines for the clubs and supporting staff of the league.

Qatar Stars League (QSL) has signed a partnership with FIFA aiming to improve the standards of professional football in the league.

Both the presidents agreed to the partnership by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoM), which included a complete review of the QSL. The document highlighted the points of improvement required to enhance the standard of the league and provide the audience with the best form of entertainment.

The MoM enforces new guidelines for the clubs and supporting staff of the league. Club governance and management, football, matchday operations, income generation, marketing and community are the six major aspects of club business that will be covered.

All the clubs need to maintain a proper management team and generate an annual budget plan for the six businesses, that must be submitted to FIFA. Any club that is unable to comply with the plan, will be offered external assistance from FIFA.

Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, QSL President stated, “Post the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 we are looking at the next era of Qatari football. We have an ambitious plan to transform our club game and critical to our success will be for every QSL club to aspire to become a model professional club on and off the pitch.

“To help the QSL and all member clubs on this journey, FIFA is the perfect partner. Through this agreement we can collectively access huge experience, insight, and practical knowledge and turn it to our advantage.”

FIFA President, Gianni Infantino added, “FIFA is delighted to support the development of the Qatar Stars League, as part of FIFA‘s vision to make football truly global and create a more competitive and sustainable global ecosystem, where more clubs, leagues and players from all around the world can compete at the highest level.

“Therefore, FIFA stands ready to support the Qatar Stars League in its ground-breaking and exciting development and transformation plan, and we are looking forward to playing our part in helping talented individuals and progressive clubs to achieve their goals and bring Qatar football to the next level on and off the pitch.”

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