Puma joins forces with Virat Kohli, Sunil Chhetri and Mary Kom for digital campaign

The campaign has been named, “Let There Be Sport”, which aims to ignite inspiration among young Indians to pursue physical fitness.

The multinational sports apparel entity, Puma India has joined forces with the Indian sports superstars – Virat Kohli, Sunil Chhetri, and MC Mary Kom for a digital campaign.

The campaign has been named, “Let There Be Sport”, which aims to ignite inspiration among young Indians to pursue physical fitness. The entity had carved out the campaign based on the findings of a report by Nielsen Sports, in which it says that currently, there is a lack of inspiration among the youth on focussing towards physical fitness.

The campaign featuring these three Indian sporting icons will be seen questioning the stereotypical mindset that sports is a secondary option, and it is a digression from academics. The digital campaign has been curated by Ogilvy India.

The brand also throws light on abandoning the word ‘extra’ which is used in the context of sports and aims to make the subject a part of the main curriculum of the educational institutions. 

Talking about the report and its findings, Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director, PUMA India, and Southeast Asia, said, “As a nation, we have witnessed a fundamental change in adoption of sports culture with far more running communities, gyms and people taking up different sports. However, we have just scratched the surface and have miles to go. The PUMA – Nielsen Sport study proves that there are still significant areas for development. The study indicates the growing need to create awareness and inspiration among adults and kids to play more sport as well as illustrates the myriad ways in which sport adds value to life. There is a direct correlation between sports participation in kids and improved academic performance and positive emotional well-being. A strong sports culture brings out the best in people and is critical for the development of a country.”

He further added, “PUMA’s new platform, Let There Be Sport, will be our priority this year. It will promote and encourage sport and fitness as a life skill. We will heavily invest in creating awareness towards sports adoption at a mass level, build more moments of inspiration, continue to support grassroot athletes and work closely with key stakeholders across sectors to integrate sports and fitness into the main curriculum. In five years, we are confident that a sports-focussed survey will yield better insights in India.

Denise Menasan, Managing Director for APAC & MENA at Nielsen Sports & Entertainment, said, “A study was commissioned by PUMA India to help understand the views of sports in India and how sports & physical activity impacts other aspects of our life, such as emotional wellbeing, academics and employability. While there have been multiple initiatives to boost fitness-related activities, our study indicates that more needs to be done in this space. The study highlights that an increase in sports and fitness activities can help enhance overall emotional well-being among adults, help learn valuable life skills and increase academic grades of kids. We hope this campaign from PUMA India inspires people to become more physically active in their day-to-day activities and equips government agencies with data to frame new policies.”

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy India, said, “This is a partnership I am personally very proud of. PUMA was very clear from day one what they wanted us to help them create. #LetThereBeSport stems out of the vision that Abhishek shared with us in the early days about celebrating movement and agility. It is about liberating sports from tiny corner it has been relegated to, and lauding those who keep it alive in their everyday. Crafting the narrative of there is nothing extracurricular about sports which is the important subject that teaches us life long lessons, has been an enriching experience and here’s looking forward to a day when India understands that sport is extraordinary and not just an extra.”

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