PT Usha to feature in new KFC ad

In the last scene of the campaign, PT Usha herself delivers the order to the customer.

KFC India has announced a new campaign highlighting their “Express Pick-up Service” that will be featuring the legendary athlete PT Usha. In the campaign, the company will be seen promoting their newly launched service that promises delivery to the customers within seven minutes. While the campaign tagline is ‘Taste Amaze, Mile Tez’.

The new ad campaign featuring PT Usha opens with two customers walking into the KFC Store. Following which they are informed about KFC’s seven-minute service, but they found it hard to believe and joked about it saying then the order must be prepared by PT Usha, who else would be so fast.

In the next scene, the colonel blows his whistle marking the start of the seven minutes, and their order gets prepared to go through different stages, and it is finally packed and ready to deliver to the customer. In the last scene of the campaign, PT Usha herself delivers the order to the customer.

Speaking on the occasion, Moksh Chopra, chief marketing officer, KFC India, said, “The legend PT Usha epitomizes all things speed and who better to convey our new Express Pick-up service than her. In the film, PT Usha doubles up as a high-speed chef in the KFC kitchen with the Colonel by her side, cheering her on. So if you are out and need to pick up some KFC on the go, or have a group of friends visiting and need to pick-up KFC favs for all, simply go for KFC’s Express Pick-up. 

“Not only will your order be ready for pick-up in 7-minutes, but it will also be marked by the signature taste of KFC & packed safely. Our 7-minute promise is a key differentiator, ensuring minimal waiting time for the order. So, get set to give in to your KFC-ravings in just seven minutes, kyuki haan, PT Usha bana rahi hai!”

Adding to it, PT Usha said: Usha said, “KFC India is already known for their signature taste and is now breaking speed limits on pick-up orders with their Express Pickup service. While ‘speed’ is certainly thrilling for me, this even takes it a notch higher with express. The concept itself was so exciting that I jumped at the opportunity of featuring in the campaign, alongside the beloved Colonel.”

Lastly, Ritu Sharda, chief creative officer, Ogilvy North, said, “Since we’ve been kids, speed has had only one name: PT Usha. The fact is, even now, PT Usha is the icon for speed in India. So, for KFC’s super-fast take away service, there could be no better endorser to say ‘7 minute matlab 7 minute’The film pretty wrote itself from there. And we were thrilled to have the legend onboard.”

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