PSG, Ligue 1 to make a fortune with Lionel Messi’s signing

Lionel Messi's arrival could boost PSG's net worth by 10-20%.

Lionel Messi will no longer be wearing the iconic number 10 for FC Barcelona. It’s a sight that has become synonymous with greatness and is forever etched in the memories of football fans. It will take time for the eyes to accumulate to the ’30’ on Messi’s back with a PSG logo in front.

In one of the greatest transfers in European football history, Lionel Messi made a dramatic last-minute switch to the Ligue 1 giants. Everyone was convinced that FC Barcelona will be able to renew Lionel Messi’s contract and the Argentine will be stay.

However, La Liga’s financial fair play conditions prohibited this from happening, Joan Laporta and company decided to part ways with Messi. A teary-eyed conference and a million goodbyes. Messi’s journey at the Catalan club concludes.

But as they say, when one opportunity shuts down another one is sure to open. It was never going to be a surprise that every big club in Europe will be interested in Messi. Chelsea, Manchester City and even Arsenal wanted the legendary player. But Paris Saint-Germain put up the most convincing bid and got the greatest in their ranks.

So the question which now arises? How will Lionel Messi’s arrival affect Paris Saint-Germain or in an overall sense the Ligue 1?

Considering football terms, Messi’s arrival is a massive boost to Mauricio Pochettino’s men. Pochettino will now switch to a 4-2-3-1 with Messi at the centre alongside Neymar Jr and Angel Di Maria on either side and Kylian Mbappe upfront.

This gives Lionel Messi all the freedom to operate in the final third and do what he does best. This false number 9 role or in some sense a free attacking midfielder position is where he flourishes the most. It gives him the ability to spread his vision all across the field.

Moreover, not many are unknown to the chemistry between Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi. The prolific MSN trio has two of its superstars reuniting. Messi and Neymar Jr will connect in little pockets of space and bring hell upon the defenders. This chemistry could bring the UEFA Champions League to PSG.

But we must also take in mind the business perspective of Messi’s arrival at PSG. According to financial analysis, Lionel Messi’s arrival could boost PSG’s net worth by 10-20%. The French club is estimated at roughly $2.5 billion. These numbers come as no surprise as FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta himself acknowledged that Messi brought 11% of all the club’s wealth.

It’s no secret that Lionel Messi coming to Paris will massively benefit the club. 

In addition, the 34-year-old coming to Paris Saint-Germain means the French club will increase its spread and stronghold across the Social Media platforms as well. An analysis showed Paris Saint-Germain gained roughly three million followers on Instagram and Facebook in less than 48 hours following Messi’s arrival.

And who can eliminate the profits Messi will be bringing in from shirt sales. According to a report, after Messi’s arrival was made official, PSG sold 150,000 Jersey’s with Messi’s 30 on the back in just seven minutes. That amounts to €20 million approximately in seven minutes.

One more interesting fact from Lionel Messi’s deal at PSG is the inclusion of cryptocurrency. Messi will be earning roughly €35 million (before taxes) per year. However, a large portion of this chunk comes from PSG FanTokens. But what are these FanTokens?

FanTokens are created by a company called Socios and are similar to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin whose values can fluctuate overnight. They can be traded on exchanges and be purchased with real money. Upon Messi’s arrival, the price of these FanTokens has surged from €2 to a staggering €63!

Lionel Messi is all set to take the Ligue 1 by storm. It’s an incredibly profitable move for both PSG and the league as Messi will attract a host of fans to watch his games just like Cristiano Ronaldo did at Juventus. The Argentine has arrived at the Parc Des Princes in style. 

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