Progressive Table Tennis Academy forms strategic partnership with OSAI

The partnership will take sports to the levels of mixed reality and computer vision.

The Progressive Table Tennis Academy (PTTA) has formed a strategic partnership with OSAI, an AI-based technology. This partnership has been made to enhance the player performances using advanced analytics and to increase viewership of the sport. OSAI is basically an AI-powered technology that can take a live feed from a match and then provide specific analysis related to it. Coaches can see this data and then advise the players on what to change or correct based on the information they got.

OSAI will be able to provide real-time analysis and research about a player’s performance. The OSAI mixed reality technology will be covering a total of six events which will be starting from January 2022.

Moreover, apart from using OSAI in real-time, the technology will also be available in training facilities to further boost a player’s capacity. The PTTA is a highly equipped academy that is one of the best in the country. It offers world-class facilities and hosts several tournaments across the year.

The PTTA team is excited to announce that we have entered into a long-term strategic partnership with OSAI, an artificial intelligence & computer vision based real-time mixed-reality, data gathering and match analytics solution provider. We have been in discussion with OSAI and experimenting with real-time mixed-reality and match analytics for a long time now. OSAI solutions are one of a kind and are changing the landscape of the sport of Table Tennis. Starting January 2022, we will organise 6 events per year that will be streamed LIVE using OSAI technology. We’re the first academy in India using AI & CV powered technology and are now confident that OSAI Table Tennis technology will help us immensely to achieve our goals.” said PTTA founder Mr Kunal Kumar. 

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