Premier League set to sue Chinese broadcasting company

The English Premier League has decided to open legal proceedings with PPLive Sports International Ltd. The lawsuit against the Chinese Broadcasters is worth £170 million. Premier League is taking the Chinese company to the court for not paying £163 million for live matches and other packages of the games.

Premier League had cancelled the broadcasting deal with PPLive Sports International Ltd three weeks ago and replaced them with a digital streaming contract with Tencent.

The new deal with Tencent is not as lucrative as the previous one, but it allows the Premier League to remain relevant in China. Considering it is the most populated country in the world, it is essential that Premier League bags an attractive deal from a broadcaster.

Premier League and PPLive Sports International Ltd are yet to comment after Bloomberg reported the news regarding the lawsuit this week.

Television rights have been the issue for various European leagues after last season was extended in July due to the pandemic. Premier League clubs are expected to pay the rebate fees to domestic broadcasters by the end of the next campaign.

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