Premier League likely to terminate Russian broadcast deals

Premier League is aired by Okko Sport in Russia.

The European football competition, Premier League is considering suspending or terminating its broadcast deals with Russian TV partners.

The English top-flight’s fixtures are aired by Okko Sport in Russia but the collaboration is inching towards getting cancelled following the country’s attack on Ukraine.

Premier League, Chief Executive, Richard Masters, said, “Clearly broadcast contracts in Russia are under review. It’s happening now. We’re looking at a fast-moving situation.”

Sports entities worldwide are cutting off ties with Russian companies as Vladimir Putin continues his attack on Ukraine. The highest football governing authority, FIFA imposed sanctions on Russia, there won’t be any international matches played on Russian soil, the country’s flag and anthem won’t be allowed in international fixtures. Later, FIFA went on to ban Russia from the upcoming Qatar World Cup. The governing body of European football, UEFA also shifted the Champions League final from St. Petersburg, Russia to France.

UEFA also concluded its sponsorship deal with Gazprom. Manchester United also ended its association with the Russian airline company, Aeroflot.

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