Premier League clubs reject Project Big Future

Premier League clubs unanimously voted against Project Big Future during the shareholders meeting on October 14. The Project Big Future was a proposal push forward by Manchester United and Liverpool to make radical changes in the structure of the Premier League (PL).

Despite rejecting the proposal that offered a £250 million package to bail out English Football League (EFL) clubs during the financial crisis caused due to the pandemic, PL clubs remain open to discussing new packages for EFL clubs.

The new bailout package for EFL clubs is reportedly in the region of £50 million, considerably lower than what Project Big Picture was offering.

EFL chairman Rick Parry had publicly backed the Project Big Future after British media reported the details of this proposal last week.

Apart from a bailout package, the rejected proposal also wanted to reduce the league into 18 teams and discard League Cup and Community Shield. Moreover, the decision-making powers would have been given to nine clubs that have been ever-present in PL since its inception in 1992.

Manchester United and Liverpool were pushing for this proposal that brought a lot of discontent amongst PL clubs and fans in England.

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