PhonePe releases new TVC for IPL 2020

PhonePe, the Bangalore-based digital payments company, has released a new TVC featuring Bollywood stars Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt. However, this time the brand has taken a different gateway, releasing five 20-second ads that tied together made one complete story: The guide to PhonePe.

This is one of the unique ways which has gathered a lot of audience attention. Although IPL has started with players finally getting on-field after a much delayed action, it has been a bigger wait for advertisers who’ve tied with Star India as associate sponsors for IPL 2020.

IPL generates higher viewership in India amongst all other sports and gives a platform to the companies to come up with unique messages and ways to deliver a strong message and connect well with the fans. So, it is undoubtedly the best marketing platform for brands in India.


Made by Leo Burnett, the ads tell us the story of Alia Bhatt who’s at the police station for her brother Tyson who’s behind bars because of an ambiguous road mishap. Inspector Desai (Khan) instructs her to pay a fine and she uses the PhonePe app to do so; the conversation from Desai’s instruction to Bhatt’s action is the sum of the five ads.

A few weeks ago, PhonePe had released an ad featuring Aamir Khan in a cameo role that spoke about the ‘spirit of India’ in the face of coronavirus. A press note mentioned that the message was inspired by the brand’s philosophy of ‘Karte Ja, Badhte Ja’. The new ads fall under the same philosophy too.

The important message that PhonePe wanted to deliver was that, PhonePe is widely used in India for various digital payments and accepted by all. It has a strong presence in the market and wants to reach out to other customers to felicitate their payment process easy and viable.

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