PCB set to get nutrition services from Close Nutrition

Pakistan’s National High Performance Centre continues to cricketers with all the facilities and opportunities in order to improve their skills at the state-of-the-art facilities in Lahore. NHPC is also providing some latest models and technologically advanced equipment. 

A hi-tech data collection has been introduced with the help of a leading software company which will help the coaches in scouting new talents at the City Cricket Association and Cricket Association that would help NHPC to do analysis and assessments. 

Meanwhile, NHPC has also tied up with a world-renowned nutrition company named Close Nutrition, which is owned by Graeme Close, an expert nutritionist working as a consultant to the English Rugby team and also with Premier League club Aston Villa FC. Close is also the head of performance nutrition to the European Tour Golf and Ryder Cup Team and has worked with many world-class athletes around the world. He’s a former rugby player with a degree in Sports Nutrition and published over 150 papers. PCB is also likely to get the services of Close Nutrition for the national and domestic players.

PCB is also finalising this deal and they are at the last stage of appointing Chief Medical Officer, psychologist, and head physiotherapist for the Pakistan national team. Having good medical staff is important for PCB as it aims to provide the best facilities to the players and will protect them from prolonged injuries, which could be physically and mentally exhausting for the athletes. Moreover, Hanif Mohammed High-Performance Centre in Karachi and the fitness zones inside NHPC in Lahore have been upgraded to provide modern-day training and fitness to cricketers. 

Director – High Performance at NHPC, Nadeem Khan said, “Our ambition is to not to limit these advancements only to the National High Performance Centre, but also seep them into the high-performance centres across the country so cricketers at all levels can benefit from them. The world of cricket is fast-evolving and getting data-centric and it was important that we also step up our efforts in innovation and inculcate scientific practices in our structure which will benefit our player”

Khan has also revealed that Close Nutrition is a top-class group that would provide all the necessary nutrition consultancy services to the players.

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