Nike, BLAST team up to launch exclusive merchandises

The partnership was first hinted at during the BLAST Spring Finals in June 2022.

Nike, the world-renowned sports brand and BLAST Premier, a global organizer of esports competitions, have teamed up for a merchandising endeavour.

In August 2022, the two firms will introduce a co-branded line of products that would highlight the “gamer way of life.” As per BLAST, the series will comprise a jersey, hoodie, hat, as well as a t-shirt.

In the past, BLAST has created a variety of high-profile product items, most famously working with the sportswear company, Champion to create a special edition series.

The collaboration appears to be a renewal of BLAST’s merchandising operations. Since October 2021, the authorized BLAST merchandise portal has been unavailable, and the firm has been silent about the situation. The two companies didn’t mention whether this collaboration will give BLAST’s online store a fresh lease of life or whether other products, such as non-Nike branded things, will be offered.

The partnership was first hinted at during the BLAST Spring Finals in June 2022. The items won’t be accessible to fans of the tournament until the BLAST Premier Fall Groups (August 19–28).

In addition to multiple expansions of earlier agreements, like the Betway and Shikenso, BLAST also negotiated a number of new collaborations and agreements, including one with the multinational transportation giant, Maersk.

Contrary to its rivals, Nike has been rather silent in the esports industry. However, the organization supports various teams, most notably SK Gaming and T1 in China’s League of Legends.

While BLAST might’ve been quiet in the goods department, the company has had a successful year in almost all other areas. Additionally, BLAST’s initial ventures outside of CS:GO began in 2022. The company revealed that it will oversee both the Fortnite Championship Series and the FIFA ePremier League’s 2021–2022 seasons as its primary production studio.

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