NFL steps foot in media streaming sector with NFL+

NFL+ is an improved version to the "Game Pass" service, which has been available to US fans since 2015.

The National Football League (NFL) has set its foot in the streaming services sector with the launch of NFL+.

Earlier this week, the league officially premiered NFL+. The franchise owners were informed about it during the league conferences in May. Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s chief media and business officer, affirmed it would begin during the upcoming season.

Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the D2C offering will permit the tournament to comprehend what fans and non-fans want in terms of content.

He said, “We think this is a major step forward. It will evolve, build and get better as more and more content becomes available on this platform. The work that we’ve done either with other offerings or research has helped us sort of frame this in a way that we think would be very attractive and engage our fans.”

Fans will be able to watch preseason games on all devices, as well as locally and nationally regular-season and postseason games on cell phone apps. It could also include content created by groups. It will be accessible to fans through the NFL app and website.

It is an improved version of the “Game Pass” service, which has been available to US fans since 2015. In 2009, the tournament introduced a service that allowed viewers to enjoy game replays online, dubbed “Game Rewind.”

It gained popularity among fans and experts in 2012, whenever it introduced coaches’ film, such as two angles that allowed viewers to see all 22 players on the field. In prior seasons, the league also provided out-of-market exhibition games via a separate package or “Game Pass.”

The live regular-season and playoff games are the highlights of the bundle. After its agreements with mobile operators expired at the end of last season, the league reclaimed the phone rights.

NFL+ will cost $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. A luxury package is $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year and provides unlimited and compressed game replays as well as coaches’ film. Heretofore, the “Game Pass” package was available for $100 per year.

Hans Schroeder, the Executive Vice President of NFL Media, commented, “We’ve had our toe in the water with ‘Game Pass,’ but this is our next step forward. We think this will be attractive for fans and sort of bring down the price point for fans on a monthly basis. There is an eye on future content down the road. We’re excited to see where this can go this year and beyond.”

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