New Zealand Government announces USD 2 Million funds for gender-neutral facilities

The New Zealand government led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced USD 2 Million funds to upgrade five major stadiums for Gender-neutral facilities.

The Basin Reverse in Wellington, Seddon Park in Hamilton, Christchurch’s Hagley Oval, University Oval at Otago, and the High Performance Centre in Lincoln University are five stadiums and training grounds that would undergo some renovations for turning the player’s facilities into gender-neutral facilities before the ICC Women’s 50-over World Cup in 2022.

The multi-sporting stadium (Cricket, Rugby & Football) Eden Park in Auckland and Bay Oval in Tauranga are already labeled as the gender-neutral stadium in New Zealand and after the announcement of upgradation of five other parks, New Zealand is achieving some exceptional standards.

The upgradations of the parks would focus on revamping the player’s facilities, dressing rooms, and turning the toilets at the grounds for both the genders before ICC’s marquee event.

New Zealand’s deputy minister Grant Robertson talking about the facilities said, “Gender-neutral facilities are lacking at all levels of the sector and this needs to change in order to encourage more women and girls to participate in play, active recreation, and sport.”  

He also claimed that the 2022 ICC event which is scheduled to happen in New Zealand is going to be revolutionary and they would set an example of what good inclusivity looks like for everyone using the changing facilities regardless of gender.

Women’s CWC 2022 CEO Andrea Nelson backed deputy minister Robertson and said, “What goes on behind the scenes is a huge part of what happens out on the field, to achieve exceptional performances, players need access to appropriate facilities”.

Earlier this year, Grant Robertson also announced a package of NZD 7.3 million upgradation of facilities across venues for three major women’s events – the 2022 Women’s CWC, the Rugby World Cup in 2021, and 2023 FIFA World Cup.

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