Nellai Royal Kings make multiple additions to their sponsorship portfolio

In this deal with Nellai Royal Kings, Arima Constructions, Wolf777 and SPIDER have been appointed as the associate sponsors.

The Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) unit, Nellai Royal Kings have inked sponsorship agreements with three new brands for the forthcoming season.

In this deal, Arima Constructions, Wolf777 and SPIDER have been appointed as the associate sponsors of the TNPL team.

Arima Constructions began its journey about two decades ago with the only goal of creating a business that aims to offer top-notch landmarks rather than merely houses. Strong customer relationships for the company are a result of its culture of client-centricity, openness, and desire to satisfy their needs. The firm set the bar for offering luxury home amenities at a cost that is affordable to the vast majority of would-be house owners.

Talking about one of the leading providers of internet sports content, Wolf777 News offers daily sports news and analysis. In addition to that, it aims to provide a tonne of content for fan involvement.

Last but not least, SPIDER signifies “Safe and Prelithiated High Energy DEnsity Batteries”, and refers to chemistries based on silicon and rock salt that are low in sulphur. It seeks to offer knowledge-based advancements to Li-ion battery cost, performance, recyclability, and safety to help electric vehicles quickly expand their market share and cut CO2 emissions.

Prior to this announcement, Nellai Royal Kings also announced DafaNews and SNJ 10000 as sponsors for the upcoming season.

The iconic Tamil Nadu T20 competition’s eighth iteration is scheduled to start on June 12. The Arun Karthik-led team will kick start their season against Siechem Madurai Panthers on June 14.

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