NBC Sports reveals record-breaking TV viewership for a Premier League season

Championship Sunday had an average audience of 2.9 million people, making it the most-watched Premier League final day in US history.

The 2023–24 Premier League (PL) season has surpassed all previous campaigns in terms of viewership in the United States, as per NBC Sports‘ data.

A total of 546,000 people watched each televised match on the US Premier League exclusive broadcaster on average, up 4% from the average of 527,000 viewers during the previous season. The previous record, 541,000, achieved during the 2015–16 season, was surpassed by the current one.

The last match day of the season, termed ‘Championship Sunday’ by NBC Sports, had all ten games broadcast concurrently across NBC platforms such as USA Network and CNBC, among others, smashing additional viewership records.

Championship Sunday had an average audience of 2.9 million people, making it the most-watched Premier League final day in US history, surpassing the 2.7 million mark from the last day of the 2021-22 season.

For the first time in four years of airing the competition, Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, had more than one million viewers for a single match. Its coverage of the December ArsenalLiverpool match, in addition to on NBC Sports, shattered the record for the most-watched Premier League game.

In March, the Manchester City-Arsenal game drew 2.12 million viewers, breaking the previous record. Six of the seven most-watched Premier League matches in US history took place during the 2023-24 season.

Peacock exclusive matchups contributed to the top three and eight of the nine most-streamed Premier League matches in US history, with viewership increasing by 28% from the previous season.

The Premier League ratings records of NBC Sports align with the notable increase in sports interest that has transpired in recent years.

In addition to the Copa America 2024 and FIFA World Cup 2026 being hosted in the United States, there has been a surge in interest in Major League Soccer (MLS) among fans, primarily because of Lionel Messi‘s admission to Inter Miami last year.

The United States’ growing enthusiasm for the English top-flight and the sport has been noted by the league as well. The EPL and NBC held open and receptive talks regarding future US-hosted games, according to NBC President of Acquisitions and Partnerships Jon Miller.

Neil Joyce, CEO of fan data firm CLV Group, said, “We know the US market is ready for Premier League clubs to win the hearts, minds and wallets from undecided, unknown US fans – whether it’s through selling merchandise directly to fans, or pursuing partnerships across other sports, collaborations with video gaming, music and content creators. Miss this opportunity and we risk losing all of our momentum to the rising tide of organic growth of Major League Soccer, not to mention other European heavyweights like Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and Bayern Munich.”

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