NBA partners with Netmarble to launch mobile game

National Basketball Association (NBA) has agreed to a deal with Netmarble to launch a mobile game that will feature NBA superstars. Along with NBA, National Basketball Association Players Association (NBAPA) will also be part of this deal with Netmarble.

The USA branch of Netmarble is set to work with the NBA to create the game. The South Korean game developer is one of the best in the field of creating games with famous franchises.

Netmarble had previously worked with Marvels to launch an Avengers-themed game during the release of Avengers Endgame movie. The partnership with Marvel proved to be a success as Netmarble’s game was an instant hit amongst gamers across the globe.

NBA will be looking to create a similar game with Netmarble that will give fans an enthralling gaming experience on their phones.

Netmarble US Inc president Simon Sim admitted that the gaming company is excited about creating a game that will match the legacy of the NBA.

In terms of the console and personal computers, NBA games are released every year by EA Sports. NBA will be looking to emulate similar success with the mobile game.

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